Almost Launch- Final Thoughts


It’s almost time to launch Tiki Island!  We are both excited and a little terrified.  I have no concerns about the game, I love it and pretty much everyone else does too.  However, there comes a time when you give over control and that is what terrifies me the most.

We don’t have a big plant that makes stuff.  We don’t have a warehouse full of things that we inventory and manage.  We don’t have a fleet of trucks and airplanes that nicely places a package at your door.  This is where the butterflies come from:  the stuff we are involved in but don’t control.

Speaking of things we can’t control directly, shipping sucks!  You know how you can have a limited knowledge of a lot of thing and a decent knowledge of some things and a respectable amount of knowledge about very few things?  I think that no one understand shipping.  “Well, you can ship internationally, but it’s going to cost $500.  Unless you are OK with it taking 1 day longer. then it will cost $700.  If you want to ship it around the world once and change hands 50 times, that we can do more affordably.  Also, would you like to know exactly how much it ACTUALLY costs to get a product into a backer’s hands?  Yeah, we can’t do that.”

Also, I’d like to officially thank all of the countries of the world for making it just a little confusing and just a little bit different to ship things to your populations.  Thank you…thank you very much.

“This is where the butterflies come from: the stuff we are involved in but don’t control.”

That being said, Tiki Island is almost ready.  We have manufacturers lined up and we have our distribution centers at the ready.  I can’t wait to see how all the cards fall.  I think that pledge goals are really well priced and if we can double our goal, that means we are going to see:

  • at least 4 exclusive runes
  • Double the Artwork
  • LOTS of Great Wight Ancients
  • New Unlocks revealed (I have a pretty good one I’m thinking about)

I know-let’s focus on getting funded PERIOD.  We definitely want that.  We want to get the game into people’s hands.  I think people will really like it!  Honest truth, that’s why we Kickstarted.  We think it’s the best platform for marketing.  We want to get this to people so they can enjoy it now, and Kickstarter is by far the best way to do that!

One of things we don’t emphasize well enough (which we still can and probably should) is that we really did design this game with families in mind.  Given, everyone has their favorite 2.5-3 hour game group and we all have those 8 hour Risk memories, but we find, what we bring to the table MOST often are the games that can be played with our kids (I personally have 3) and our friends.  Lots of times, people don’t’ want to learn a game that takes 3 hours to play if you know how to play it, let alone when you are learning it.  We believe that a game does not need to be complicated to be fun and we really don’t believe kids are as dumb as people often treat them.

Given these two things, there’s definitely a place in this world for a fun game that isn’t overly complicated that children (6+ probably for this one) can also play and enjoy.  Enter…Tiki Island.  Grab your copy August 30th!