Tiki Island News

Filming the Kickstarter This Week!

As we’re loading up for our trip to the poconos, I’m excited to say that we will be packing film equipment as well!  That’s right, what’s more fun on a family vacation than doing a little Kickstarter video editing?  Seriously though, we’re hoping to have the video ready to go by the end of the…

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Story of Development

While it isn’t necessarily relevant to the game as is, I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about Tiki Island, where it came from and how its development started.  I’ve lost some of the original “art” but it was fascinating how a game evolves from where it started to where it…

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Such an awesome night!

Just got off the phone with Matt. Excellent T-Con (which is apparently how business people say teleconference). I think the five things a person is supposed to say on a T-Con are “Business, business, business, business, business!” Anyway, once we got the business out of the way, we decided to talk shop (ha!) We made…

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