Kickstarter Video and More Details

The Kickstarter video filming went well this week.  Well…it went.  Neither Matt or I are actors.  Or writers.  Or video editors!  However, we are both total geeks and given the world today (and the internet and all its wonders) we pieced together something that hopefully captures the spirit of who we are: silly, funny (I think so), hard working individuals whose passion is definitely games and NOT being pretty.  Anyway, there’s not a whole lot more to say about that.  Hopefully everyone who watches the video takes it lightly and gets a better feel for the game and generally just…us.

We have a play test video on the way as well.  It’s finished, but I kind of hate it.  Too much me in it.  With any luck, we can get it to a point where I DON’T hate it in the very near future.

All that being said, we have some exciting news for the upcoming Kickstarter!  We have decided that we want everyone who pledges with us to get more than just your average stretch goal.  Actually, it’s not a stretch goal at all.  It’s not even really for Tiki Island…yet.  That being said, we are proud to introduce our first backer reward: The Ancient’s Badge.

OK, so we really wanted to make our backers feel like they mean something special to us.  Especially for our VERY FIRST game.  There are so many ideas out there and so many different catchy marketing techniques.  We decided that we wanted to take all that, and toss it out the window.  We are offering all backers who purchase a copy of Tiki Island on Kickstarter this badge and a personalized number.  What this does is signify that you were one of the first!  You were on board before anyone else in the world.  That, and it will allow you to receive a free copy of every promotional item we ever release.

“We decided that we wanted to take all that, and toss it out the window.”

For real!  Once we have your address (unless you decide to opt out) from backing Tiki Island,  you become a Great Wight Games ANCIENT.  Being an ancient means we will send you a copy of every promo we make…forever…for free.  That is how much you matter to us!

Also, the badge is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.  We will include one of these with each pledge.  These will be embroidered and they will be awesome.  One more thing!  I always like to throw in another piece of artwork, so here’s a graphic depiction of the board in play.
I can’t stress enough how much I love the map.  I am definitely scratching the grid and framing a huge poster of it.