Such an awesome night!

Just got off the phone with Matt. Excellent T-Con (which is apparently how business people say teleconference). I think the five things a person is supposed to say on a T-Con are “Business, business, business, business, business!” Anyway, once we got the business out of the way, we decided to talk shop (ha!) We made a ton of headway on the rule book and Tiki Island progress in general.

The rule book (official, not the playable one we’ve had for a while) is officially my most challenging and most rewarding part of design up to this point. You think you have a lot of artwork…then you make a rule book. All I could think was “I wish I had SOOOO much more art!” Also, I learned today that in a quotation, the comma goes inside. Thank you education system.

Now that that is all over, I can go over some of our progress tonight:

  • Talk Rule book
    • Rule book is officially, DONE (ish).  We’re sending the files to the printer for the reviewers.  I’m sure we will make one hundred changes before it goes to print, but it’s at the point that we are ready to show it.  And for my next trick….The Link!  I know, it just takes you to the print and play page.  But, the rules there are now updated to current status.  Woo…don’t look at the old ones anymore.  Like last week’s phone, those suckers are totally outdated.
  • Talk Reviewers
    • We need more reviewers!  There was more, but that was the start.  Seriously though, we have a tone of people lined up for reviews and we are so stoked to hear what they have to say.  As long as it’s good.  And happy.  Keep watching our twitter page to find out how that whole process is going.  Matt is totally on the ball there.
  • Talk Kickstarter
    • We need more Kickstarter!  This was actually a pretty small portion of the conversation except we decided…yes!  We are absolutely launching end of August.  This is so exciting and we are thrilled to start our first campaign.
  • Talk Website
    • We decided, since we are both basically web-illiterate, that we are going to go slow and rely on our lovely whit and charm to distract people from how long it takes us to make this pretty.  Bear (bear…bare?) with us here.  Also, I was told that I use a lot of commas.  I was thinking about it, and, I just don’t know if I agree, at least to the extent that people claim I use them, which is infrequently.
  • Talk Dirty to me…duh nah nah nah, duh nah nah nah…

So that’s it for tonight!  Going to keep messing with the rule book, the website and hoping people get back to me with a slew of “Absolutely we want to review and love and cherish and promote your awesome, Tiki themed game!”

Until next time.