Tiki Island

Tiki Island is a new strategy game currently being developed by Great Wight Games.  It focuses on light strategy, a little luck and excellent artwork to deliver what we find most important in games – fun!

Tiki Island all about timing.  The goal is very simple – get from one side of the map to the other.  There’s a lot of water between your island and your goal, so you’ll need to build some smaller islands to traverse on your way.

However, the vast ocean is only so big and there are other tribes ready to litter the precious ocean with islands of their own.  Move quickly but don’t expose too much because powerful runes have been crafted that can set you back in the blink of an eye…or better, the whoosh of a hurricane!

The game is played over a series of turns.  On a turn, players can decide if they want to try to move their Islanders, build more islands or draw from a deck of powerful runes

But what fun is a game without a little luck?  Before a player decides what they want to do, they roll an action die.  Maybe they can build two islands?  Maybe they can have an extra boost of speed?  Or maybe they can be given the extremely valuable, but short lived, gift of flight!

Using simple and intuitive strategy, Tiki Island was designed from the ground up to be a family experience.  Remember, you’re never to young or too old to game!

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