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In the championship game between Cuba and Japan, Orlando Amador of Cuba made what was possibly the best play of the whole competition.

The first-ever WBSC Baseball5 World Cup, which took place in El Zocalo in Mexico City, will be remembered for a very long time. The six-day tournament that took place from November 7-12 definitely raised the bar for the host of the next edition in 2024. It featured incredible skill, drama, and entertainment at every turn, and the teams played full-on Baseball5 with a sense of fun and fair play that bodes well for the future of the sport.

An explosive mood was there the whole week thanks to the breathtaking location at El Zocalo and the lively fans that cheered on all of the teams. The celebrities, who ranged from the inventors of TikTok to officials of several government agencies, left the event feeling motivated and returned for more.


Not even the two main courts were the only places where people were having a good time. El Zocalo was transformed into a party event with the addition of practice courts, dancing sessions, art lessons, and more activities.

Because of the popularity of the event, there was no seating available for the finals, therefore throngs of spectators had to witness the historic moment of the first ever Baseball5 world champion being crowned on the huge screen that was located outside of the center court.

The trip to determine Baseball5’s first ever world champion was an exciting one, with Cuba and Venezuela being the favorites, but Japan and Chinese Taipei also being among the top teams in Asia and not to be dismissed.

The victory ultimately went to Cuba, although there were several unexpected outcomes along the road, such as Lithuania defeating Japan. Additionally, Tunisia, South Africa, and Kenya performed their continent proud by finishing sixth, seventh, and eighth, respectively. And we can’t forget about the hosts, Mexico, who not only pulled out some nail-biting victories but also put on a fantastic performance for their admiring supporters. It was a hair’s breadth from from qualifying for the medal games.

And to put the cherry on top of it all, the play that we had on both courts was spectacular. The top three will be difficult to unseat on any Baseball5 field, but here is our pick from a tournament that will not soon be forgotten.

World Championship Final between Japan and Cuba is the top highlight

Cuba demonstrated their might against Japan in the opening game of the championship. With a 6-0 advantage in the third inning, Orlando Amador of Cuba went on to make the play of the competition. Running from first to second, he immediately encountered a sitting Ayano Kazuta blocking his path with a ball in hand. He quickly calculated his leap and made it safely to second. Amador, one of the tournament’s participants, eventually made it home with Briandy Milina to increase the advantage to 8-0 before taking the contest 9-1. (and the second match 6-2).

Second Most Notable Event: Mexico vs. Venezuela in the Final Super Round

In the final match of the Super Round, Mexico and Venezuela faced off because they were still in the running for the bronze medal match. The scenario was set for both an exciting match to determine who would advance to the gold game and some incredible Baseball5.

Alvaro Gil scored for Venezuela with a spectacular run from third to home, eluding Guadalupe Ayon’s tag, to level the game at 1-1 in the bottom of the second inning. Mexico had the better start with Nelson Rodriguez scoring in the first inning. At home plate, he displayed remarkable dodging abilities while making sure to land on his foot.

With the help of that move, his side went on to win the first game, 3-2, and then the second, 9-0, securing Venezuela’s place in the third-place playoff.

3rd Most Notable Event: Group A matchup between Hong Kong and Cuba

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