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On Monday, the first ever Baseball5 World Cup was officially opened with a powerful introduction of the 12 participating teams. This was followed by an impressive display of local talent with dancers and bands playing traditional Mexican music. Finally, fireworks sent pyrotechnics and the 2,000 crowd celebrating into the cool night sky above Mexican City.

During his statement during the Opening Ceremony, WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari greeted the competing teams with the following words: “It is with great passion and happiness that I welcome the participating teams to this inaugural edition of the WBSC Baseball5 World Cup.”

In his address to the audience during the Opening Ceremony, WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari said, “It is with great emotion and satisfaction that I welcome the participating teams to this first edition of the WBSC Baseball5 World Cup.” This was right before Fraccari made the announcement that the competition was now open for play. You athletes, who are here today, are the pioneers of this new great experience, and I want to congratulate you on being a part of it. “This competition represents a new milestone in the history of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, and I want to thank you.

With a long-term objective of increasing access to sports and to baseball and softball, the WBSC developed Baseball5 in 2017. As an urban and mixed variation of baseball and softball that was recognized as an official WBSC discipline in 2020, Baseball5 readily satisfies this purpose.

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President Fraccari continued, “Five years after that ground-breaking debut and despite the epidemic, we can state that Baseball5 has well exceeded all our expectations. “Baseball has been popular all over the world and has established itself in places like Africa and the Middle East where there isn’t a strong baseball heritage, owing to its accessibility. The fact that Kenya, South Africa, and Tunisia are among the nations taking part in this tournament is evidence of this, and it makes us happy.

The fact that Mexico and Lithuania were the first teams to compete in a WBSC Baseball World Cup that evening was also noted by Mexico’s Minister of Sports, Ana Guevara.

Tonight is a historic occasion, Guevara declared, “not just for this Zocalo, not just for Mexico, but also for this new discipline that tonight records a new chapter in what we see in the years to come and where we will have such great satisfaction.” “I am really honored to be the first host, and Mexico has the honor of receiving all these teams in this brand-new, exciting discipline that will shape the future of so many children,” the host said.

Marti Batres Guadarrama, the secretary of government for Mexico City, was as effusive in his appreciation for the WBSC and baseball5, a relatively young sport.

We refer to this place as the “Innovative City of Rights,” but right now, he added, “we are enjoying our rights to sport, recreation, and health, and we applaud this wonderful global invention that is Baseball 5.”

Alfredo Lerma, the manager of the Mexico Baseball5 team, and President Fraccari participated in a news conference prior to the Opening Ceremony.

President Fraccari stated, “The WBSC is thrilled to be able to host this first-ever Basebll5 World Cup in such a renowned setting as the Zocalo here in Mexico City.” “Mexico has a rich baseball and softball legacy, and now it’s Baseball5’s turn, so my gratitude go to Ana Guevara and CONADE for setting up a magnificent platform for this first Basebll5 World Cup.

“We have 12 fervent teams here to pursue the goal of becoming the first WBSC Baseball5 World Champion, and this is a historic time for our sport. We are certain to have plenty of exciting action and entertainment throughout the week with 50 games spread across six days.

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